Bud Labs offers a wide range of services to help you, the customer, determine the source of a problem or identify the friction and/or wear properties of a material(s).



We will discuss material and tribology problems, perform failure analysis and make recommendations to solve a problem.


Friction testing

If system friction needs to be determined,  we perform many standard tests and can build special test rigs for unique tribosystems.


Wear testing

If wear life needs to be determined for a tool or mechanism, we can screen candidate couples.


Test Specimens

We can machine test specimens for most tribotests (standard or not) at lower costs and faster than in-house.


Abrasion testing

The ASTM G 65 and G 174 abrasion tests are our most popular abrasion tests, but we have developed abrasivity test rigs for everything from metal polish to face powder.


Erosion testing

The ASTM G 76 soilid particle erosion test is our most popular test, but we have a 30-day wet slurry test that also meets many needs.  We have developed erosion tests for many process fluids / slurries.