Welcome to Bud Labs, America's premier source of friction, wear and erosion testing, and related tribology services. We Have been in business since 1998. 


What is unique about Bud Labs?

1. Most complete lab in the USA with the ability to fabricate test samples

2. Most experienced staff, Steven 25 years and Ken with 53 years

3.  Competitive pricing with low overhead

4. Ability to interpret test results  

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Our Mission

Our mission is to solve friction, wear and erosion problems / concerns for clients through acquired knowledge and tests that we perform, or by supplying reliable test equipment and test specimens that identify the best candidate for a particular tribosystem.



We have an extensive test lab and a complete machine shop in Rochester, NY.  Our tribotesting equipment includes:

  • Pin-on-disk continuous sliding tester (ASTM G99)
  • Falex block-on-ring tester (ASTM G77, G176)
  • Falex multi-specimen tester
  • Ten-station block-on-ring tester
  • Reciprocating ball-on-plane testers (5) (ASTM G133)
  • Solid particle erosion test rig (ASTM G76)
  • Loop abrasion tester (ASTM G174)
  • Capstan friction tester (ASTM G143)
  • Inclined plane friction tester (ASTM G164, G182)
  • Galling tester (ASTM G98 and G196)
  • Falex dry sand rubber wheel abrasion tester (ASTM G65)
  • High stress abrasion tester (ASTM B611) 
  • Fretting test (ASTM G204)
  • Elevated temperature (400° C) reciprocating ball-on-plane tester
  • Sled friction tester (ASTM D1894)
  • Slurry erosion tester
  • Wet abrasion tribometer
  • Taber Abraser (ASTM  D4060)
  • Contact and non-contact profilometry of wear scars
  • Scratch testing (ASTM G171)
  • Bud Labs Tribotester
  • Ball Cratering Test (UK)


Contact Information

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(585) 865-1093


(585) 241-9749


Postal address

3145 Dewey Ave.

Rochester, New York 14616


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