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Established in 1998, Bud Labs is a family business dedicated to tribotesting as well as developing and building testing equipment for friction and wear studies.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to solve friction, wear and erosion problems / concerns for clients through acquired knowledge and tests that we perform, or by supplying reliable test equipment and test specimens that identify the best candidate for a particular tribosystem.



We have two testing laboratories and a complete machine shop in Rochester, NY.  Our tribotesting equipment includes:

  • Pin-on-disk continuous sliding tester (ASTM G99)
  • Falex block-on-ring tester (ASTM G77, G176)
  • Falex multi-specimen tester
  • Ten-station block-on-ring tester
  • Reciprocating ball-on-plane testers (5) (ASTM G133)
  • Solid particle erosion test rig (ASTM G76)
  • Loop abrasion tester (ASTM G174)
  • Capstan friction tester (ASTM G143)
  • Inclined plane friction tester (ASTM G164, G182)
  • Galling tester (ASTM G196)
  • Falex dry sand rubber wheel abrasion tester (ASTM G65)
  • High stress abrasion tester (ASTM B611) 
  • Fretting test (ASTM G204)
  • Elevated temperature (400° C) reciprocating ball-on-plane tester
  • Sled friction tester (ASTM D1894)
  • Slurry erosion tester
  • Wet abrasion tribometer
  • Taber Abraser (ASTM  D4060)
  • Contact and non-contact profilometry of wear scars
  • Scratch testing (ASTM G171)
  • Bud Labs Tribotester


Contact Information

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(585) 865-1093


(585) 241-9749


Postal address

3145 Dewey Ave.

Rochester, New York 14616


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